AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Thats it! I knew it was something so simple that was evading me! I've always understood that the numbers indicated by the needle by the Spot Meter V are LV (Light Value) numbers but I've always referred to them as EV (as a matter of fact they even use this terminology in the original manual). I'm primarily a LF photog and my spot meter is the only one I really use so I didn't even think to take into account the difference between the Linear Scale on the Spot Meter and actual EV numbers.

So here is the explanation of the solution to this (wow I feel silly that this went over my head and caused all of this grief):

Using 3000 iso film, I set my meter to 3000iso and read a highlight at LV 7 2/3 (notice LV not EV, this was what I was overlooking) that I decide to place at zone 6. The shutter speed combination for LV 6 2/3 (proper exposure to render highlight at zone 6 as decided) is indeed f5.6 @ 1/60. F5.6 @ 1/60 on the 110b's EV scale is EV 11 as Bill points out. LV 6 2/3 translated to EV is EV 11! They match! I just forgot to translate the LV reading to EV! For those unfamiliar with translating LV to EV, LV=EV at iso100. When you deviate from iso 100 add or subtract the number of stops difference in iso from the LV number to get the EV number i.e. to find the EV number for an LV reading of LV 7 at iso 3000, consider that iso 3000 is 5 stops higher then iso 100 so you take the LV reading of LV 7 and add 5 to it which becomes EV 12. Simple as that.

Thanks for your help guys! This would have driven me insane. Its always the smallest things that fly under the radar! Much appreciated!