I bought an Certo Six recently. The viewfinder doesn't work.
So I start cleaning, first impression is that the beamsplitter and mirror is OK. I don't touch them, because I read the coating will wipe off easily. The other lenses are real dirty.
I got another 2 problems. First the small lens near your eye has fallen out. And I see no screw that hold this tiny lens on it place? Is this lens hold on its place by a glue ? If I wanted to re-glue it, that the best glue I can use ? I want a glue that makes repair in the future possible, so it must be soluble I hate modern glue as silicone sealant for this purpose. Can I use Shellac ?
Other problem I have with the shutter knob. It seems its need a re-adjustments. If I push it downwards, some times its still not enough to release the shutter. There is outside right near the bellows a screw that in my opinion needs readjustment. But that screw is fixed with some kind of paint or glue. Is there an way so solve the paint/glue on this screw. If I would try it in this conditions I 'll damage the screw.
already thanks for help, see pictures also