I don't speak Dutch or write it, but my parents are Indonesian! Does that count a bit? Hehehe...

I wanted to say hello to everyone here and to 'market' a couple of things:

1. The APUG Conference in Toronto - May 4-7, 2006
I hope that many of yoy can come to Toronto for the first APUG Conference. There will be hands-on workshops, demonstrations, gallery tours, photo excursions and more. The cost is $75 Canadian for 3 days and I have negotiated a really god deal with the local hotel - $199 Canadian for a room. If you share, the cost is cheaper!

Here's more info: http://www.apug.org/~conf/

2. Print Exhanges - Blind Print Exchange and Group Print Exchange
There are two exchanges currently going on and I'd like to get more 'international' APUGers on board.

In the Group Exchange, you are put in a group of 4 or 5 and everyone in that group send each other a print. This exchange is organized by Jeremy Moore.

In the Blind Exchange, you are given the name and address of an APUGer to send a print to. In the meantime you will be given a print by another APUGer. I am coordinating this exchange.

Please sign up in the English forums under Member Organized Functions, where there is also more info.

Anyway, I hope more APUGers from around the world sign up for all these events.

Thanks for 'reading' me in English.

Regards, Art.