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Santa Fe Redux

  1. outwest
    Spent yesterday in Santa Fe. Got over to the Andrew Smith Gallery. They had to follow me around with a mop to clean up the drool. So many nice photos. They have a special lot of AA's hanging now. Some I had never seen before, some really big ones, and one with a price tag well into 6 figures. Also had some nice Laura Gilpin's from her Yucatan series. Those were special to me as we had just been down there. I have her Temples of Yucatan book and in homage I took a 1938 Zeiss Ikonta A 6x4.5 (the older brother of the one I had at the workshop) and some of my stash of Verichrome Pan film. Unfortunately, some of my favorite photos of hers were taken from the tops of the pyramids and that is verboten now but I still managed to burn up 3 rolls. They also had some Curtis gravures on sale and one I couldn't resist was apparently from his structure volume as it was of one of the room blocks at Giusewa at Jemez Springs. Those of you who were with me that day would recognize it. I think it is close to where I did a set up that day so it had to come home with me. And to top it off, this morning I had breakfast at Harry's Road House and the special, as it was the first day of the workshop, was again shrimp and grits! Yum!
  2. Curt
    I sure wish I'd gone to Harry's Road House that first day. Did you fly or drive? It's not that far from your home is it? I sure do miss that red and green chili since I've been back home. I'd say the food was best in Espanola at that outside restaurant; La Parasol (sp).
  3. slumry
    Darn it! Now you are getting me hankering to go back.
  4. mike c
    mike c
    Do they have Goldfield Burghers there?
  5. Curt
    After the dust has cleared and the pepper burn is gone all I have left are memories and photos of the trip. I added a National Parks, Death Valley and Owens Valley tour onto it and I'm glad I did.
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