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Mike Clark Photographer

  1. Curt
    Hi Mike, are you still thinking of a 5x8 camera or back; is that a lost cause now that T-Max 8x10 is going away? They really go the people using that film in 5X7 and 8X10. What's going to be your #1 5X7 film choice now days.

  2. mike c
    mike c
    Back to TXP unless you can digg into your vast refrigerated storage facility and lone me 2 or 3 hunderd sheets of T max 100.

  3. Curt
    Mike I 'almost' bought some T-Max 100 but passed on it; I'm sorry I don't have a single sheet of T-Max film. It's a pia for those who do. Looks like Tri-X for a lot of folks. I figure it's getting time to check out the 8X10 X Ray film I bought this past summer. Maybe it'll work for carbon, if so then it might be time to get some in 11X14 and make a simple camera to shoot it with. That film is super cheap compared to panchromatic film. A person could actually stock up on that film for that price. Otherwise it's fp-4 for me.
  4. mike c
    mike c
    I was thinking that TXP would get the axe before Tmax 100 .
  5. Curt
    Yes because of the effort and money to create T Max but there is nothing that makes sense in the mind of Kodak it seems. They are trying to keep us guessing. I wonder about the manufacture of Kodak X Ray film, is it a separate division with a separate facility. I don't see how they could just discontinue X Ray film. It's one thing to get a consumer to drop film use and get a digital camera and another thing to get hospitals, clinics, doctor offices and mobile units all over the world to drop film and go digital. The dental field is another one. How many dentists who are using film are willing to make the heavy investment. I talked to my dentist yesterday and he said he gets better detail and easier to read results from film. Also there is non destructive testing and the use of film in a "beam film" in radiation therapy unless that has been stopped.

    I would say that medical film will be the last film standing; not for general photographic use but for medical and dental diagnosis.
  6. mike c
    mike c
    How long does it take to get a degree in Doctoring?
  7. Curt
    Too long but you can buy the film right now with a couple of clicks of the mouse. It's open for anyone to buy, no restrictions, available in 8x10 and up; cut it in half under a red safe light and use it in your 5x7.
  8. mike c
    mike c
    I've still got 10 shts of Tmax 400 that I was going to use for 5 Churches but did not have time,nor an 8x10.
  9. Curt
    Mike, take the Tmax to Tonopah, someone will have an 8x10 there that you can use it in. I was watching a camera on eBay the other day, it was a beautiful Toyo G 5x7, I was watching and watching and watching, and then my son said his rear brakes were screaming so we did a brake job. Then I checked on the camera, it had just been sold for about $500.00. A Toyo G 5x7 camera for a tiny fraction of what it cost new. Ouch.

    Keep looking for an 8x10, the wood ones are going to go cheap now that film photography is about over. Get some 8x10 X Ray film, 100 sheets for $26.00 a box, that's .26 cents a sheet!!!!

    None of the $5.00 per sheet crap!!!!

    "You press the button, I press the cable release"
  10. mike c
    mike c
    Curt, I keep thinking about getting a 8x10 but my hands are full just with what I've got now,too many cameras make it hard to stay on track for me.I'm not multi dexterous.
  11. Curt
    That's true, in these times it might make more sense to look for a 5x7 enlarger than an 8x10 camera. Too many items can lead to Analysis Paralysis rather than just picking up the camera and going shooting.
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