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5-Churches Workshop Attendees Print Exchange?

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  1. Jay Decker
    Thus far, I received print prints from outwest, HHChapman, and mike c, and Mark's are on the way.
  2. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Received all the prints! I'll get the packaged over the weekend and shipped next week...
  3. mike c
    mike c
    Thanks Jay,can't wait.
  4. mike c
    mike c
    The prints from the change came today.They all look really great,like the close up of Marks Saint close up and crosses in background.

    Chaucey's Quiet Corner does look quiet, well composed as well as Jamie's wall buttress and spout, just named it for you Jamie.

    Harlan put a lot of work in printing and even mounting his print, its my favorite, and Jays Courtyard with that large fox tail (I guess that is the name of the plant) Like the way he has printed (machine print?) with the title and date,workshop name, all very fine. Thanks Jay for putting in the extra time for organizing this exchange.

  5. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Mike - glad to hear that you received your prints in good style and enjoy them!
  6. markbarendt
    Got mine, thanks guys they are great. It is really cool seeing what you each thought was special.
  7. outwest
    I got mine yesterday and really want to thank everyone for their efforts and artistry. Looks like Harlan has really mastered the albumen.
  8. HHChapman
    Hello Jay, Mark, Jaime, Mike, and Chauncey,
    I apologize for such a late thank you to you all for your prints.
    They all please me and teach me about seeing and printing. And I'm framing all of them to put up as a group.
    Jay's print subtly evokes the places we shot overall for us having been there. And by boldly not shooting one of the churches.
    Chauncey and Jaime's abstracts see what I was also trying to see. But the feeling conveyed by each image is so different, driven by the interpretation through printing. A good lesson there.
    Mark's is brilliantly seen, captured and printed.
    And I shot the same thing as Mike but only the top 1/3 of it, emphasizing the ladder. Mike's image works much, much better. Another good lesson. And what a beautiful print, I'd been curious about Lodima and this contact print is really inspiring.
    I wish you would sign your prints! They are truly worth that.
    It has been a great year so far but also very hard in a lot of ways. Losing Per was difficult and I just lost another good photographer friend. Let's all keep shooting and printing and finding ways to get together for more fun again.
    And thanks to Jay for making the print exchange happen.
    All the best,
  9. mike c
    mike c
    Harlan, Its nice to hear from you, I noticed that most of the participants are X Gazebo Gang members, I think Per's spirit is still with us , soo" RIDE ON PILGRIM."

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