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Print exchange?

  1. Jay Decker
    Any interest in a workshop print exchange?
  2. mike c
    mike c
    I would,and let and let Curt know,he missed the last one.
  3. JLP
    It will be a while before i have any prints to share but will be interested. for now i only have scanned images to share.
  4. HHChapman
  5. outwest
    But of course!
  6. Curt
    This would be my first time, what is required, how many and how soon?
  7. mike c
    mike c
    At aboy Curt,surrender to the reality that there is no rest fore the wicked.Last time it was one print per participant.
  8. markbarendt
    I'm game. Per's book is happening too.
  9. slumry
    I am interested but find it a bit unethical to exchange crappy prints (mine) for good ones. Also, I am not impressed with my crop of negatives and think most have gone bad since they are all green.
  10. mike c
    mike c
    Have you been drinking the Rollo-Pollo developer and using Irish green whiskey to develop your negs Steve? Do what I do ,every time I trip the shutter I mumble 20 hell Marys.It dose not work all the time but at least I feel forgiven for taking the photo anyways.
  11. markbarendt

    I feel the same way but I'm still in.

  12. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    I'm guessing that we'll end up with 8 to 12 total participants... that would mean that you would have to produce 7 to 11 prints for other participants.

    When do you want the due date for submission of your 7 to 11 prints to be? I propose February 28th.
  13. markbarendt
    I like Feb 28.
  14. slumry
    So do I, if I can bleach out some of the green stuff out of my negatives I will be able to print something, either that or I will just keep drinking the scotch whiskey and won't care.
  15. jaimeb82
    Stephen, just say is a new process invented by you after an error mixing pyro, wait a minute pyro is suposed to be green!!!! you are fine dude! mines are also green. Oh! I am in also, feb 28 leap year? sounds good to me.
  16. mike c
    mike c
    Guess the old print exchange is no more,or post pond till later.
  17. jaimeb82
    did I missed the death line?
  18. mike c
    mike c
    Don't know if it ever got going Jaime.
  19. Curt
    When is the deadline on the book deal?
  20. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    If you are interested in participating in a Print Exchange please send me a PM response let me know that you would like to participate - please include your email address. If there are five or more folks who are interested we'll have an exchange!


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