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  1. Curt
    As I told Mike, I've developed the last of my roll film. I'll try to get some up as soon as possible, I feel snowed in right now, it's almost 2 in the morning and I found the night a good time to slip into the darkroom. I've got a funeral the first of next week for my mother and things are busier than ever and it's the time of year to wrap up the outside of the house, the walnut tree finally dropped its leaves so fall is looking forward to winder this year here. Oh yea the bamboo floor turned out great, I'm sleeping in there now, just need to put some prints on the walls and hope my snoring doesn't dislodge them.
  2. outwest
    Sorry about your mother, Curt. My thoughts are with you.
  3. Curt
    Thanks, how are you doing, any snow in the forecast for Colorado?
  4. outwest
    Blizzard yesterday, clear and cold today, 70 tomorrow. Typical. Good excuses to get in a warm darkroom.
  5. Curt
    It might be a Great Western Door and Wall Cricket which are attracted to old and decaying screen door material. Mike, who is Steve?
  6. mike c
    mike c
    OOh my God Curt !!,you don't remember Steve ? Everybody knows Steve.Ha Ha Sorry bout' that Curt,all the code names get me confused.Mixed up Slumry with Outwest
  7. Curt
    That's too funny.
  8. slumry
    I am honored.
  9. Robert Hall
    Robert Hall
    I have uploaded images that I had already uploaded in the main gallery as I was unclear how to get them here. I think I figured it out and sorry for the duplicate posts.
  10. mike c
    mike c
    Now you will have to turn in your coffee mug and t shirt.
  11. Robert Hall
    Robert Hall
    Both well used.
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