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Picture size

  1. Curt
    Hi all, how many of you can't get an entire image on the screen? I have been using 850 for the largest dimension when down sizing the photo for up loading.
  2. slumry
    The one you made for Mike is way too small, it is very hard to find crickets. All others that you made are on the medium small side. I have a laptop set at 1680X1050.
  3. mike c
    mike c
    You should use 500 to700 max on long side.
  4. Curt
    I didn't think my pictures were too big, I guess that even on Mikes screen this is too small, on mine it's about the size of large postage stamp. I had to look up Anomalous Mike.

    Anomalous: Deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected. Good one, excellent!
  5. Curt
    Mike, set your monitor to a higher resolution.
  6. mike c
    mike c
    How do I set for higher resolution,think it is all ready.Have to get a newer and bigger monitor I guess,that's digital for ya!!
  7. Curt
    On your desktop, the screen with the icons, right click the mouse, then click on properties, then click on settings, from there select the resolution by moving the slider, to the right for higher screen resolution to the left for lower resolution.
  8. markbarendt
    This is a zooming issue.

    See the view menu in your browser.

    Typically holding "Ctrl" and and tapping "+" zooms in, "Ctrl" and "-" zooms out, "Ctrl" and "0" resets to normal.
  9. mike c
    mike c
    Mark, How do I get to my browser?
  10. Curt
    If you are on this site then you are on the Internet, look at the menu bar at the top of the screen. See the menu File Edit View Favorites Tools Help?
    Click on View, then go down and put the mouse over the Zoom item. The menu will come up and you can change the size of the screen from there.

  11. mike c
    mike c
    Ok,I'll try it,thanks Curt.

  12. mike c
    mike c
    My screen has thiss written on it, "Resolution HD jusqu'a 1440 x900 ,Temps de haute performance 8 ms et contraste 500:1" you don't suppose that has anything to do with having to scroll Curt's photo's ?

  13. Curt
    Don't worry about it, just do what Mark said; CTRL +, - or 0 as in zero; that's all there is to it. It changes the size of the screen you are looking at right now.

    This group seems to be at an end; it was fun but like everything it has to fade into the past; good luck to all who enjoyed the workshop and the photographs here.

  14. mike c
    mike c
    "ZOOM-O-VISION",don't leave the screen without it.Thanks Curt,a poor mans big screen.

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