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Trying to identify an old cine film

  1. WetMogwai
    I have a reel of film I am trying to identify. It is double 8mm film in a can stamped Kodak. There is a Kodak band around the reel. The reel says r-140. The owner says he thinks it was purchased between 40 and 50 years ago and has been sitting in a dresser drawer since one side was shot. The only reference I have found to this on the Internet is an eBay auction for one just like it. Based on the reel label, I assume it is EI140 color reversal film. Does anyone have an idea what this is or if there might be any hope of developing it?
  2. Ironage
    Look at the color of the film itself. It is grayish then it is probably black and white and could be sent to a lab and processed. If it is brownish it is probably Kodachrome. No hope with Kodachrome. They stopped processing that this month.
  3. WetMogwai
    That solves it. Thanks. The emulsion is brown. The leader says KA-II. It is Kodachrome. If the owner is willing to pay a huge amount, Rocky Mountain Film Lab may be able to process it as B&W, but as old as it is, I doubt it would work.
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