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camera operator's tricks of the trade...

  1. yurisrey
    just wanted to share some tricks I use for motion picture photography. whether i'm behind a rented 35mm on the set or just filming my family & friends with my Minolta S8:

    1) Subtract in high-key, add in low key.
    2) For exteriors nothings works better then a good set of scrims, flags and reflectors.
    3) For interiors a three-point set up is the best starting point, then add your accents: I like to use 5 or 7" scoops a lot, also conventional theatre PAR38 on pigeon plates are great for adding accents.
    4) For MOS adjust your shutter speed if you can't open your f-stop anymore. one can barely notice 24fps to 22 or even 18, 16 thats more noticeable, but it worked well for the Keystone Kops.
    5) If you're shooting color, make sure you have a good set of ND and color balancing filters.
    One of the best tricks I ever learned was to use an index card with a 22x18 rectangle cut-out to practice composition whenever I you want, sounds corny but it trains the eye.
    Have fun and break a lens!
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