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Filmo service sources.

  1. cmacd123
    MY filmo 240 (the Leather cased amateur 16mm spool camera) is running slow, and I guess that it's annual overhaul and lubrication is about 60 years overdue. Is their a supplier for this sort of service, I know that the cost of the work will be more than the E-bay price of another Camera, but even if I find one, it will likely also be not running at it's best.

    I like the 240 as it takes a slightly longer run time on a wind up than the "Tank" Filmo D series.
  2. Europan
    I heard through the grapevine that a new company will be established this fall in Switzerland. They are going to offer such service for film movie cameras, projectors, viewers, and the like.

    Might be interesting because of their nearness to Bolex and an optics manufacturer. Shall inform up to date as soon as I know more.
  3. Europan
    So this is the news: not a company but a single mechanic with a workshop. His name is Simon Wyss, I have been there couple days ago. He has a lathe, a milling machine, drill press, motor saw, grinding equipment, vices, and more stuff and views over the river Rhine. Beautiful, I must say. He told me that his collimator is being calibrated in England. I saw a Cine-Kodak Special, a sewing machine, an old cinema slide projector with carbon arc lamp, lenses, chemicals, and so on. Possibility to wind and secure spiral springs

    His address: St.-Alban-Vorstadt 15, 4052 Basel, Switzerland. Phone +41-61-272-64-31. Website under construction
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