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You lose some (100D), you win some (Single8).

  1. kraker
    Sad news: after Kodak discontinued still reversal film earlier this year, the curtain will also fall for reversal colour motion picture film: http://motion.kodak.com/motion/About...0514/index.htm

    The end of Ektachrome 100D.
    Stock up now if you want some.

    Then again, to tip the balance, there's also some good news. At least for those who also shoot (or even prefer) Single-8:
    Velvia, T64 and (for me, most importantly) Astia 100F are once more available in Single-8 format.
    They've been out of stock at my usual place (and, as far as I could find out, everywhere else), but they're back now.
    See http://www.wittner-kinotechnik.de/ka...m/single-8.php .
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