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New Super-8 film to be released by Kodak

  1. bsdunek
    Hello All, I'm a long time APUG member that just joined this group for two reasons.
    1. I loved making 8mm movies for about 50 years. My favorite camera is my Bolex H8. In 1989, I stopped using film because of the expense and unavailability of double-8, and bought a (gasp) RCA Video Camera. I still miss using my Bolex, and sitting with the editor and cutting and cementing film to make a story.
    2. I just came across this news. http://www.lomography.com/magazine/n...es_same_author
    Now, I have little hope anyone will make Double-8 film, but for you movie makers, I thought it might be good news. I could not find any reference to it on this site, so, I hope it is new news.

  2. Europan
    Bruce, do keep your H 8 in shape, I know that Wittner in Germany is on the lookout for perforating machines in the Double Eight and Double Super-8 formats. I think that Gigabitfilm 40 also will become available in 8mm as soon as he’s equipped accordingly.

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