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Developing with traditional b&w chemicals?

  1. rebelist
    Well I too have now delved into the world of cinematography with a super 8 minolta. I have shot my first reel of plus-x reversal on a recent trip through joshua tree and I am now left wondering what to do with my undeveloped film. I have began religiously studying how to develop my film at home but I have a few questions.

    Will I be able to develop my film using a my traditional b&W chemicals (hc-110, fixer, ect) as well as my patterson tank? If so where might I be directed to a website with the required dilutions. Living in Los Angeles might there be some good places to process my film at a reasonable price? I have found a legitimate tri-x developing kit is this the favored way or can I get good results with another method?

    Thanks for the help
  2. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    If you develop it with traditional B&W chemicals alone, you'll get a negative, but it is possible to use traditional B&W chemicals as part of the reversal process, if you want projectable film.
  3. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    There are various Reversal processing formulae in the Articles section, under Film Developers - Non Staining. Also kits are available from Foma through Freestyle and The Photographer's Formulary.

    You need a different developing tank for 8mm film, there Rusian made tanks still available.

    You live near the one part of the world where you can still get virtually any Cine film processed easily, there are processing Labs in and near Los Angeles You can try Yale Film & Video in Burbank.

    Welcome to APUG BTW

  4. 2F/2F
    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Grant View Post
    You can try Yale Film & Video in Burbank
    I was just going to type that. You can buy your film and processing together from them for a combined discount. They know what they are doing, they have decent prices, and, most importantly for me, they do standard eight.
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