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ACUG--Analogue Cine User Group

  1. 2F/2F
    Thanks for the group.

    My work has three Nizos. Which one should I get? (Pix have been temporarily added to group.)
  2. T Hoskinson
    T Hoskinson
    I have a Pentax analog spotmeter that was modified by Norris to provide real time light level information (via an electrical cable)to the shutter speed contol electonics in my Norris animation motor for my Bolex Rex 16. I've used this rig to do time lapse wide angle astrophotography - thus metering very low light levels.
  3. ic-racer
    I was showing movies for the kids last night. I think the Bolex M8 is a fascinating piece of precision equipment. Too bad it does not use ball bearings, so it has to be oiled frequently. I use Singer Sewing Machine oil.

  4. Europan
    Be happy with your M 8. As long as you attend to it its oil lube system never fails. Felt lines within spring tubes feed the oil from a reservoir right beneath the red marked top opening. The main claw control disc will be held oily that way at all temperatures plus the other vital moving parts. Mechanically, the M 8 is one of the best Regular-8 projectors that have been built.

    Weak points are the electrical elements but they can be replaced. Today's insulation is better than some old stuff. With a transformer you might burn modern lamps instead of the old tubular ones. It's a matter of will.
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