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Alan's Work!

  1. jamusu
    After viewing Alan Doyle's Super 8 work I think I may want to give Super * a shot. I must admit I did and do not know much about it, but after viewing more movies on FLICKR I know that I want to try it. I have a few questions if you guys do not mind my asking. They are as follows:

    1.) What is a good camera to begin with? Is a VTG SUPER 8 SOUND MOVIE
    CAMERA MINOLTA XL 440 a good choice?

    2.) How are the movies viewed? Would I have to use a projector.

    3.) What are the basic materials that I would need to get started (lenses, film,

  2. Ektagraphic
    Hello James-
    I think that any super 8 camera would work to start with. I have pretty much just gotten into super 8 and I am shooting with a couple of Bell and Howell AutoLoads. They shoot great films. I think the movies are best viewed by a projector unless you are having a really really good quality telecine done! I have had a few cheap ones done through Dwayne's photo where I send and buy my film. They are not the greatest. Dwayne's Photo (dwaynesphoto.com) is a great place to buy film and send it back to be processed. Many super 8 cameras do not allow you to switch out the lenses you most likely won't need additional lenses. I highly reccomend Ektachrome 64T. You can't project any of the Kodak Vision films as they are color negative. Since Ektachrome 64T is a tungsten balenced film you need to make sure camera either has a color correcting filter built in, in order for you to shoot with the film in daylight or you may have to buy one. Please let me know if I can be of any other help. ---Patrick
  3. Alex Hawley
    Alex Hawley
    Hi James and welcome to the group.

    I've seen Alan Doyle's work too, either on YouTube or Vimeo, and its stunning. You have to remember though that he was a professional and the work he has posted was either made for a client or something he did on the side while working for a client.

    Most of your questions can be answered by doing some Google searches. I just went through this same process a few months ago. I wish there was an easy (hence CHEAP) way of getting Super 8 footage onto a PC, editing, and then playing it on the big flat screen TV. Doesn't seem to though, or else I'm not finding it.
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