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new to the group

  1. TheFlyingCamera
    hi all.

    I'm starting to play around with shooting super8, as I just scored a Bolex 155 macrozoom off an online auction site (for $10!). Does anyone have specific recommendations for processing sources? Ideally on the US East Coast? Also, while I was able to find generic instructions on the operation of my camera, I can't quite figure out how to set manual exposure control. As long as the auto exposure works, I'll probably be happy, but I know at some point I will want to start setting exposure myself.
  2. Ektagraphic
    For black and white (Tri-X or Plus-X) and color neg (Kodak Vision) processing I use Cinelab in Fall River, Massachusettts. They do great work. Their website is http://www.cinelab.com/ I am so luck to live 20 minutes from them! For color reversal (Ektachrome) I send to Dwayne's Photo. They do great work with all sizes of E-6. I send a good amount of my 35mm E-6 there too. Their website it www.dwaynesphoto.com I believe that you have a good camera on your hands as Bolex makes great products. I am not exactly familiar with the Bolex super 8 cameras. I wish I could help you more. Anyway, have fun!
  3. Ektagraphic
    In case you don't know where to get film, I buy my Ektachrome right from Dwayne's and I usually buy Tri-X and Plus-X from Freestyle Photo. You can also buy the film directly from Kodak by calling 1-(800)-621-FILM.
  4. jolefler
    Hey Scott! Good idea....I'm joining as well, thanks to Ektagraphic's post pointing out this group. I never knew it existed.

    I'm playing with regular 8 currently. It's what I began with not too long ago. Have two Canon cameras, an entry level Kodak projector and a Kalart editor.

    I have a Canon Super 8 camera which I'd like to get rid of, because I got bitten by the 16mm bug. Working on making an old B&H 70A functional again.

    Good to know you're all here, I'll have a ton of questions later!

  5. Ektagraphic
    I really enjoy shooting with the regular 8 Canon cameras! They are really geat machines! It doesn't seem like there are that many people shooting them.
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