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Is it possible?

  1. jolefler
    To re-perforate double perf 16mm film to accomodate it's use in regular 8 cameras? Is this what John Schwind is doing?

    Where on earth would one look for a perforater, or would you have to have a machinist design a tool to do that? Can't EVEN imagine what that would cost! They had to exist in the past, where did they go?

  2. Ektagraphic
    I believe that this is what John Schwind is doing. I bet he bought his machines off of Kodak when they stopped offering 8mm film. They all probably went to guys like him and some to Wittner.
  3. Ektagraphic
    Come to think of it. John may not even have to perf it. I think he just rolls it. I know that Kodak sells him really long rolls and I think they are ready to go...
  4. mmcneil86
    I was wondering this too. I was under the impression it was difficult to line up the extra perforations because of the precision needed, and that the machine would have to constantly recalibrate itself based on the existing perforations. It might be easier to get a long roll of unperforated film and cut and perforate it yourself, although that's probably pretty difficult too.

    There's always emachineshop.com if you want to try making custom parts, but I don't know if they can make parts as small as you'd need for this.
  5. Europan
    I know from John that the stock he sells is Kodak perforated, Colorado works. Since transfer from there it's been Rochester made. Kahl and Wittner, both Germany, have perforators.

    Don't forget that Cine-X alias Plus-X reversal has a grey acetate base, log density 0.23. You never have clear whites on your screen, 40 percent of the light is lost at the film base. Same goes for Tri-X reversal, actually all Kodak Ciné reversal stocks since Panatomic-X but that is some time back.
  6. nickrapak
    John Schwind gets his film perfed from Kodak. He orders thousands of feet at a time, and they do it for him.

    You can get 16mm double perf reperforated into regular 8mm. The person doing this is named Edward Nowill, and he's in the UK. He doesn't have a website, and I don't have his email address on hand, but you can find it on the internet.
  7. siltec
    This guy in London offers/offered this service. Just picked the link up from another group. Some had used the service and reckoned it OK, including someone who sent a film from Australia.

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