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  1. sun of sand
    I have 8 rolls x 100ft 16mm Dupont Superior 4 320ASA 1966 Negative film
    It's in good shape but in the end it's about a 50ASA

    Bit granier than even mid-80's tri-x but seems like a nice film.

    Anyway ..don't know whether to shoot it in a cine camera or a 16mm still camera
    Would have to reverse the negative film
    Don't have a 16mm projector

    Wouldn't want to spend -ANYTHING- on either. I'm thinking cheap ancient cine kodaks if I go that route

    If anyone has a recommendation on cheap 16mm stills with manual settings..
    I don't want to shoot wide open all the time

    I bought a spool of plus-x for my NOS Bolex D8L
    I'll shoot it one winter wonderland day here ..if we EVER GET ANY SNOW

    How do I process it? I'm thinking up down in a trough would be great for 5ft
    Cut off every 5ft and splice together? can't be that harmful.

    I do have a nos -working- 356A dual 8 projector so i'm good there ..once I slit the film in half

    Any tips on either 8mm or 16mm?
    I know nothin' about filming effects so it would either be straight shooting or if one can help out with a simple how-to on a fade or something for ending a "scene"

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