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ACUG needs some work....

  1. holmburgers
    For one, no one knows it's here.

    2ndly, as has been mentioned, the "post discussion" button is really hard to find. Why isn't it as convenient as on the rest of APUG??

    Moreover, if I remember correctly, didn't I have to "join" ACUG to post here? Shouldn't it be just another forum category?

    Sorry, I don't mean to be nag, a naysayer or a curmudgeon, just hate to see this thread sitting all stagnant like. But, I'm sure it will pick up steam, it just needs some more exposure (pun intended!)

    edit... Furthermore, I subscribed to a discussion here and it doesn't show up in my "threads I am watching". I understand that this is a social group, so perhaps there are inherent differences, but I find this interface cumbersome.
  2. Marco Gilardetti
    Marco Gilardetti
    I'll second those sentiments. There must be some reason if this is a socal group and all the rest is a forum, but it's hard for me to get. I'm quite sure that most of APUG members still shooting movie film aren't even aware of the existence of this section.
  3. holmburgers
    Exactly. It's just too far removed from the rest of APUG. Why not a FORUM TOPIC?? What could be more analog than movie film & its subsequent projection?
  4. Daniel Haskins
    Daniel Haskins
    I would love to see a special section just for moving pictures on the regular forums!
  5. siltec
    I have just found this forum and am not having any problems finding my way around.
  6. EASmithV
    It's true, this is an awkward little section.
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