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BPS Film Lab

  1. nickrapak
    I have found a new lab for Super-8 and 16mm film processing. BPS Film Lab out of Batavia, IL processes all types of Super 8 film for a reasonable price, and their quality is second to none. I especially recommend their black-and-white processing. At $9.50 per roll, it's pretty much the cheapest out there, and the quality is the best I have seen. They don't have a website, but I can scan the order form if anyone wants one, or you can call them at 630-870-8200 to get some forms.
  2. Ektagraphic
    That's great to know!
  3. Daniel Haskins
    Daniel Haskins
    Do they have a telecine service too?
  4. nickrapak
    Yes they do. It's 15 cents a foot, with a 200 ft. minimum. I haven't used them for telecine, so I can't vouch for them on that.
  5. Ektagraphic
    I just tried to give them a call to see what machine they use for telecine and got a recording saying that the phone number is currently being checked for trouble. I'll give them a try later.
  6. nickrapak
    Sorry, I mis-typed the phone number. It's 630-879-8200
  7. Ektagraphic
    Ok thanks. I'll give them a call.
  8. Ektagraphic
    Do you know what their telecine rates are?
  9. Daniel Haskins
    Daniel Haskins
    Nickrapak stated that it's 15 cents a foot, 200ft minimum. Did you find out how they they do their telecine? I've really been trying to find a place that will do telecine as cheap as Dwaynes but with good quality.
  10. Ektagraphic
    Hello Thanks. I knew he said that. I'm going to give these guys a try for telecine. It looks promising. http://just8mm.com/
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