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Taking the plunge into 8mm

  1. j-dogg
    Found a Kodak Brownie with the 3 lenses for about 70 bones, mint, in an antique shop.

    Been wanting to shoot 8mm for a project for the longest time and here is my chance, question though.....how the hell do I get something like this into digital format? From 8mm roll to digital? Is it even possible? I have a project I'm doing and I want the old 8mm film grain look.
  2. Ektagraphic
    It is very possible. Many labs such as Dwayne's Photo (www.dwaynesphoto.com) offer a Telecine service that will transfer the images of your films onto a DVD for your use. When you give them your film, they return to you a DVD and your original film back. It's great.
  3. j-dogg
    Well that's convenient, they're getting a roll of Kodachrome 64 from me in a couple months.
  4. Ektagraphic
    They do some good work.
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