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Nikon FM - metering not working.

  1. pityacka
    The metering in my Nikon FM camera is not working. When I move the film wind lever partially to activate the metering, a red circle shows in the viewfinder on the minus side. I have tried new batteries, so it would seem to be a fault inside the camera. I can still use the camera with a handheld light meter. Anyone here know if the fault can be fixed by a professional, or are the parts likely to be unobtainable ? Any suggestions as to repairers here in the UK, and the likely cost would be appreciated.
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, pityacka;

    You are in luck, sir. Yes, indeed, right there in London is Souver Wong, the Nikon F2 Specialist, and internationally recognized wizard for the Nikon light metering pentaprisms and similar light meters. When I last heard, he still had the finest collection of parts, including the light metering potentiometer or variable resistor, for the Nikon light meters. Try:


    See if he can help, even if it is not really a Nikon F2.


    Ralph; Latte Land, Washington
  3. pityacka
    Ralph, Thanks for that link and the information in it. I have just had a quick look and will return to it later. At the moment I intend to use the camera with a light meter, so I am not stumped.
  4. pityacka
    It is now beginning to look as though the fault may be very minor. I have rotated the speed dial, and also the ISO dial quite a few times, and I am now beginning to get a meter reading when the speed dial is set at 1/60th or slower. First film through the FM has been 100% success - using a handheld meter.
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