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Nikon Repair in Vancouver (BC)

  1. BradleyK
    Last weekend, while out shooting, one of my F2s decided to quit functioning. To wit: the camera stopped advancing after the 27th frame of a roll of Tri-X. The film advance lever will not move past about 30 degrees off the body. I was able to remove the film (wasting nine frames) but the camera is now out of commission. Given that this particular body is in almost mint condition (chrome 1971 body with a DE1 finder that by all accounts was used rather sparingly by its original owner), I do not wish to tempt fate and try my hand at repair. So...who in Vancouver (BC) can I turn to for repair?
  2. John_Nikon_F
    Don't know of anyone up there, but, if you've a passport or other documentation allowing you to travel to WA, you might want to bring it to either Northwest Camera Repair in Everett (425-252-0932) or to Camera Clinic in Shoreline (206-367-2440). Both shops are well-versed in F2 repair.

    Before you do that though, are you sure that you don't have the collar around the shutter release set to 'T"? That will prevent the camera from advancing.

  3. BradleyK
    John F.: Will be down in Washington the weekend of the ninth of November (on my way to Powell's City of Books in Portland - the one in the GREAT STATE of OREGON - to abuse my Amex) and will likely stop at Everett (as per your suggestion for camera repair). So...is there anyone in particular to speak to re: F2 repair?
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Brad;

    For Northwest Camera Repair, talk with Scott Crisman at 5130 Evergreen Way on the south side of Everett, Washington, telephone number 425-252-0932, www.northwestcamerarepair.com. I find it easiest to go to the SR-526 exit on I-5 Exit 189 just south of Everett and go west on SR-526 to the next exit which is Highway 99 or Evergreen Way, and turn right to go north on Evergreen Way about 25 blocks. Northwest Camera Repair will be on the left or west side of Evergreen Way as you are driving northbound, and is on the northwest corner of Evergreen Way and 52nd Street. Go into their parking area from Evergreen Way.

    For Camera Clinic, talk with Doug Daily at 518 NE 165th Street in Shoreline, Washington, telephone number 206-367-2440. Doug is old fashioned; he does not have an Internet website. To get there, drive down I-5 southbound to Exit 176 taking that exit to go to NE 175 Street. Stay in the LEFT LANE on the exit ramp going to the Traffic Signal Light. When the Green Arrow comes on, turn LEFT to go beneath the overpass and continue up the hill on NE 175th Street to the next Traffic Signal Light at 5th Avenue NE. Turn RIGHT to go south on 5th Avenue NE to the next STOP SIGN. That is NE 165th Street. Turn LEFT and go 1/2 block. Camera Clinic is on the left or north side of NE 165th Street in the middle of the row of offices. Usually there will be a place to park on the north side of NE 165th Street in front of the shop.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  5. patrickth
    Hello all. Saw some interesting posts on the group so thought I would join and see how it goes. First of all, have been collecting Nikon and Nikkormat for about 6 years and now have a considerable stash. I recently began putting together logical kits with the view of selling or trading to finally get a lens for my Hasselblad.

    I have had two cameras done in Everett and can only say the experience was great. I got what I paid for with one rare camera and my old favorite a Nikkormat that has seen worldwide travels was CLA'd at a very good price.

    Also have a recommendation for poster going to Portland. There is a camera store in Vancouver, Wa. off 205 fwy on Mill Plain. Eclectic old house with a considerable amount if new and used inventory. On a recent trip stopped in and bought a 5x7 Ansco complete with film back for $75.00 Bought a turn of the century Fulmer Schwing Div 8x10 for $55 and a real prize; a Majestic Bender Tripod and plate for $99. I am not sure if they do repairs, but my point is a fantastic place to find strange and wonderful items at a decent price.
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