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Putting together am 80s Nikon setup...

  1. Nikkor-Bob
    When I was in high school (I am 44 now) I lusted after my photo teacher's Nikon F3 setup. He had two bodies with MD4s on them, and an assortment of the usual pro lenses (he sidelined as a wedding photog) and flashes, etc. Well, now that film is "obsolete", I can finally afford to buy my own Nikon setup. So far I have the following:

    9+ condition F3/T "champaign" body... so lovely to hold! - $270 shipped

    8+ MD-4 for about $45 shipped

    cheapie but 9+ condition 35-105mm Nikkor AI-S zoom - $55 shipped

    70-210 F4 Nikkor Series E - $60 shipped

    100-300mm 5.6 nikkor AI-S - $180 shipped

    SB-12 and SB-16 for about $60 for both shipped

    also got an FA with MD-15 and SB-12 for $130 shipped as a spare body to hold another film type

    We are going on a long road trip this summer and I plan to shoot mostly kodak t-max 400 and a color 400, and might try some fulvia 50 (we are going to Lake Powell, grand canyon, etc.), although I'd really like to get a med+ format to shoot chromes.

    I plan on sending the film to that place in kansas that used to do the last of the K-14 rolls back in 2010. They seem to have the cheapest prices (even cheaper than doing c-41 at the local walgreens even including shipping).

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

    -Bob in Indiana
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Bob;

    Welcome to the group.

    I like your idea of a 1980s Nikon setup. In several ways, it is similar to what I have that I call "The 1960s Nikon Project." It is a Nikon F with a Fhotomic FT pentaprism and lenses from 24mm to 200mm, and an FG-7 folding fan reflector flash bulb gun to go onto the rewind knob flash mount. If I can make up a DC power cable for it to go from the F-36 Motor Drive to the F-36 Battery Pack, I will probably add that to it.

    And there is also a Nikon SB-1 "Potato Masher" electronic flash that does work on AC power, but I need to find a dead Nikon SN-1 Ni-Cad 7.5 VDC battery pack to rebuild, so I can get it to work away from an AC power outlet. Critically, the SB-1 is just slightly out of the era for the camera, but I think that I can include it, sort of on general principles when I consider that the Nikon F2 was still being manufactured well into the 1970s. Yes, I know that I am pushing it here, but I would like to do it, because it looks neat with it.

    Yes, Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas, is now probably the best place to consider for color film processing in the United States. I have tried to use the local drug stores with the Fuji C-41 process machines, but the operators for that equipment do not seem to really understand what they are trying to do, and I have had several rolls come back to me with absolutely nothing on them. Yes, I do recognize when the rewind knob is turning when I advance the film. I can test my cameras and lenses. I know that they are working properly. If they work with Black and White, they should work also with Color. Then there are a couple of other places where they can do some of the other now esoteric color film processing, but even they seem to be having some difficulties.

    Dwayne's is still the best place that I can suggest.

    Please let us know how your 1980s Nikon Setup is coming along.


    Latte Land, Washington
  3. Silver Halide / Zone
    Silver Halide / Zone
    Hi Guys

    Like yourelves I to am a film enthusiast. I do have a couple of F3 HP with an assortment of different screens and lens. Recently I purchased the Nikon F5 and a few lens. So I am looking to find a nice home for some of my F3 gear. Let me know if your interested in what I have to offer and I can send a list.


  4. jonasfj
    Hi Bob,

    I bet you´re excited about your new gear. I have as well rediscovered how much fun it is shooting film. I have a bunch of bodies, but I mostly use an Nikon FA for color negative film and a Nikon FE for B/W.

    Looking forward to follow your bag!


  5. Aristotle80
    +1 for Dwayne's color film processing.
    +1 for 80s era Nikon gear. I've never had an F3, but I've got loads of lenses, other SLR bodies, and motor drives of that era that have me very satisfied.
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