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what's in your bag?

  1. jonasfj

    I believe anyone interested in photography are going through phases. I used to lugg around a backpack filled with a digital body and gelded zoomlenses. I had lots of fun and I made many pictures that I still like. However, the mere weight made shoulders sore and slowed me down, not in the good way as in stimulating thought, but by wasting time digging in the bag and looking for places where to safely put down the expensive equipment.

    My new phase involve two Nikon bodies, an FA for colour negative film (Ektar or Portra 400) and an FE for black/white (Pan F+, FP4, Tri-x etc.) and three primes, the 28/2.8 AI-s, the 50/1.2 AI-s and a Carl Zeiss 100/2. My few accessories include a yellow filter Y48 and a lens cleaning cloth. I either store this in a Crumpler Jackpac 4000 or one body over my shoulder and a spare lens in my pocket. I feel the 100/2 is a little too bulky and heavy to carry in my pocket so I plan to replace this with a 105/2.5 AI-s.

    My new photographic life prioritizes freedom before the absolute best optical quality at any given time.

    I kind of miss the ultra-wide option, so maybe I'll look for a 20/2.8 AI-s.

    What's in your bag and why?


  2. BradleyK
    Currently, I am using a pair of bags. In my walkabout bag (actually a "butt-bag"), I have a Ca 1979 well-worn, black F2 (meter-less) with a 50mm F1.4 Ais Nikkor and a 28mm F2 Ais Nikkor. This is a kit that is always with me. My Domke F2 (used when I am out for the day shooting, or off exploring/travelling) contains (currently) the following: F6 and F3HP bodies and 24mm F2, 35mm F1.4, 50mm F1.2, 85mm F1.4, 180mm F2.8 ED (all Ais) as well as a 80-200mm D ED F2.8 AFS lens. The F6 will generally be loaded with E100G while the F3HP with have Tri-X/HP5 Plus. If I am backpacking/hiking, the Domke F2 will be replaced with a Lowepro backpack containing two bodies (two of: F2AS/F3HP/F4e/F5/F6) the 28-70mm F2.8 ED AFS, 80-200mm F2.8 D ED AFS, 300mm F2.8 ED or 400mm F3.5ED and the 600mm F4 ED ( as well as my surrogate Sherpa, a monstrous and unwieldy Manfrotto tripod). Needless to say, every kit has the obligatory cleaning equipment!
  3. rectangularimage
    Let's bump this up. I'm taking a short visit to San Francisco (from San Diego) with an F2A, 28/2.8 AIS, 50/1.4 S ai'd, and a 105/2.5 ai. And a various kinds of film. Really the first time I've traveled with only a film camera and no digital in quite a while.
  4. BradleyK
    And bumping it up a little more: Off to the Calgary Stampede on 5 July. So, the Domke will have the F2AS/MD2 and F4E (hasn't been out for a while) bodies. Lens-wise, the following Nikkors will make the trip next door: 24mm F2, 35mm F1.4, 50mm F1.2, 85mm F1.4 and the 180mm F2.8 ED. For film, I'll bring along 4 rolls of E100G, 2 rolls of E100VS , 4 rolls of HP5+ and a couple of rolls of Delta 3200 that I found this am in the back of the deep-freeze (November 2014 dating).
  5. BradleyK
    And off to Banff this weekend to shoot what remains of the fall colors and perhaps a little bit of shooting at the higher elevations (first snowfall?) if some of the trails are still open. Packed into a smaller Lowepro will be the following: F5 (E100G), F3P (Delta 100), 18mm, 55 Micro, 28-70ED, 80-200ED, 300 AF and the 300 ED.
  6. mopar_guy
    All that I have been carrying lately is my F3HP and 50mm f1.4 Ais and HS-9 hood with either Velvia 100 or T-Max 400. Really no need for a bag at all.

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