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So, What Is My Latest Nikon Arrival . . . ?

  1. Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    While there is a section in the 35mm Forum, it also seems appropriate to discuss over here the latest arrival of "new" Nikon gear. Besides, we can be a little more detailed here, knowing that the people here will recognize what is being discussed. So often on the 35mm Forum, there is merely the mention of the camera brand and model.

    To begin here with "my latest," now there is a Nikon F3HP with the MD-4 Motor Drive that has come to live here. John_Nikon_F has been suggesting that I should get an F3HP. He had carried around (lugged around?) one of these for a long time, and John does have some appreciation for what I like, so when Silver_Halide_Zone offered his, I decided to buy it. So, yes, I have gone beyond my old territory of the Nikon F and F2, and I have ventured out into the land of the F3. Now I am wondering if John just wanted to have around someone else who fully understands what it is like to have one of these F3HP with MD-4 on a neck strap.

    This is a nice camera in pretty good cosmetic condition. Everything seems to work, except the MD-4 Battery Test LED. I will need to open it it up and at least check the test switch itself.

    Yes, it is a heavy camera, but I can see why it was considered to be a "pro" camera. And the HP viewfinder really is nice to use. It has the "E" screen with the grid lines to aid with composition, and that is the one that I prefer, so I really lucked out there.

    And along with it came a couple of NIKKOR zoom lenses, and a NIKKOR 105mm/2.5 and a NIKKOR 300mm/4.5. Now I really can say that I have a quite reasonable F3HP kit here.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  2. Silver Halide / Zone
    Silver Halide / Zone
    I'm glad your enjoying the gear, I would not have sold it at this price to anyone else, because I know you are going to appreciate it and take good care of it. I agree with you the F3 is an impressive camera, I still have one. But I also have the F5, which is even larger than the F3 and a lot more complex. Certainly for the macro images I'm doing it's a dream to work with.

  3. BradleyK
    My newest "family" member? A Nikon F3P, the result of some horse-trading with one John_L; he with vast knowledge of things Nikon. To gain the F3P (and a collection of hard-to-find odds and ends I have been looking for of late), I traded one of my F5 bodies (the first, actually) and made up the difference with some Federal Reserve Notes. So...I now own - Nikon-wise - an F6, two F5s, and F4e, an F3P, three F3HPs (all the F3s have MD4s, two have MK1s attached), five F2ASs, three F2As and a pair of F2s with DE-1s (six of the F2s have MD2-MB1s attached).

    At some point in the future (by the summer, I would think), I may consider selling two of the F3HP/MD-4 combos and possibly an F2A (I have one that is quite ugly, but fully functional). Given that I seem to be shooting more and more black and white (PanF+/FP4+) with the Hasselblads and more "urban"/street photography with the Leicas, eighteen 35mm Nikons is beginning to look a little excessive for my needs.
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    It is time to say something: Bradley K has provided to me some really needed mental reassurance. Thank you, sir. I know now that I am not alone.

    While reading down through his listing of his Nikon 35mm film SLR bodies, I was getting the feeling that; "Hey, this guy has similar tastes in camera types (and also in quantities), but just with a different manufacturer." I have done that kind of a thing with Minolta 35mm SLR cameras. Only it may be that I am even worse than Brad, at least with the Minoltas; at this time there are about 10 Minolta X-700 bodies and around half a dozen or so Minolta MD-1 Motor Drives for them. But that is not the only model Minolta camera that I have.

    So, you can see that Brad and I have very similar weaknesses. Both of us have yielded to temptation one or two times too many. Still, it is fun, and it probably is better than spending all that time and money in a pub, tavern, bar, or cocktail lounge somewhere. Well, I think so anyway. See, a good obsessed collector can rationalize anything.

    And I have not been able to equal Brad's efforts in Nikon cameras. My own Nikon stable here is much more modest, and I admit to having limited myself to mainly the early ones; the Nikon F and F2. Well, yes, there is that one Nikon F3HP with the MD-1 motor drive, but that was John_Nikon_F's fault. See? Another example of a good obsessive-compulsive behavior; diversion.


    Latte Land, Washington
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