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All Things Konica

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  1. bushpig
    Hey, people!

    I'm using an Auto-Reflex. I'm running a roll of redscale film through it right now on half-frame (2 experiments at once!). I'm hoping for interesting results. I'm getting really impatient though. I think I may just waste the last quarter of the roll so I can see what I got. I just got a crapload of film (100 rolls) so I'm not short anymore and don't have to stretch it out like I used to.

    Anyways, I love my Konica. My first slr was a Konica FP-1. Nothing like a slr with NO manual options at all, huh? But the glass was/is so good, it made it alright. I took some good shots with that bad-boy back in the day. The mirror is stuck up now, so I need to figure that out, but I think I might let the girlfriend use it if I do. She doesn't have much experience with manual, but she's shown interest in shooting with a slr. I just won't let her steal my precious Auto-Reflex from me!
  2. dbuckle
    I just got a really beautiful 28mm 3.5 lens with the hood. Like new.
  3. bushpig
    I'm working desperately on getting a Koni-Omega Rapid M. I won it off of ebay with the 90mm lens and 220 back. However, neither I, nor the seller have any idea where it is. The first tracking number he sent me turned up to be something that was delivered in NY (I live in CA). I told him this and he provided another one. This said the package was delivered on the 15th to San Jose (which is about 200 miles away from me).

    He says he's going to the post office today to try to sort this out. I'm getting pissed and have missed a couple good deals on Koni Omegas because I'm dealing with his crap. If I don't find out where my camera is today, it's time for negative feedback and refunds.
  4. dynachrome
    HumidorCassa, I don't remember Konica making a 28mm f/2.8 lens for any of its 35mm SLRs. There was a 28/3.5 ARP (pre-set), a number of 28/3.5 Hexanons with a minumum aperture of f/16, a compact 28/3.5 with a minimum aperture of f/22, 1 28/1.8 UC Hexanon and a 28/3.5 Hexar. Many other companies made 28/2.8 lenses in Konica AR mount.
  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    Sometimes it is not easy to see what is really included in a group. While the title here is "All Things Konica," I was not sure about whether or not it would include things besides the more common 35mm cameras. Konishiroku Houten did make cameras in more formats than just 35mm.

    I finally did get around to going through and reading the messages in here. "Thank you" to the administration here for making the messages open and readable by all. There is one other forum where you must join the group just to be able to see what they are talking about. I have not chosen to do that yet.

    And, in looking at those messages here, it does seem that it really is open to "All Things Konica." Yes, I have some "unusual" things Konica; two Koni-Omega Rapid-M bodies and three lenses for them. And it was the comments by JayD and BushPig that indicated that the K-O cameras would not be told; "Hey, get over to the Medium Format Forum where you belong!!" So, I am here also. And, there are a couple of Konica rangefinder cameras around here somewhere, and they do need work, but I have been so busy with many other things that I have not yet made any really serious efforts to do something with them.

    As far as other things go, it is probably easiest to just say that the film formats used here include: 16mm, 110 cartridges, APS cartridges, 135 roll film or 35mm film, 120 roll film, and 4 by 5 sheet film.

    And, for two people here:
    JayD, thank you for mentioning that you also have the K-O Rapid M.
    BushPig, did you ever get your K-O Rapid-M?


    Latte Land, Washington
  6. dynachrome
    I just added another T4 to my collection. It came with a 35/2.8 Vivitar and both look nice. I also got a 50/1.4 (1st version) and another X-36 flash recently and sent both to Greg Weber for service. Last year or early this year I added two more 135/3.2 lenses. On is all black and the other is silver and black.
  7. MrChairman
    I decided to do something about the shabby shrinking leatherette on my Konica T4. A few months ago some one recovered their T4 in red and it caught my eye. So I ordered the Cardinal red kid goat leather kit from http://www.cameraleather.com/. It took me 1 hour to remove the old covering and old glue from both the T4 and the winder then prep all the surfaces to remove any finger prints and recover with the new skin. http://www.flickr.com/photos/manyri/...in/photostream
  8. dbuckle
    Looks great in red. I did one of mine in blue. http://www.flickr.com/photos/davebuc...57632303748746
  9. dbuckle
    I added a Hexanon 200mm 3.5 lens to my collection. I thought the f4 was a nice lens but the f3.5 is really sharp.
  10. MrChairman
    Nice blue DB, all these T4s and TCs need is a recovering and they get a whole new look.
  11. beegee675
    Hi guys... Just stopped in to show my C35 AF2 I've been working on... Had to remove the front to get to the ball bearing and spring that was preventing the ASA from moving. Have to run a roll through it to try it out. Honeywell Visitronic autofocus system!
    -Bob G.
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