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All Things Konica

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  1. mabman
    So, what pieces of Konica goodness are people using here? I've got an Auto S2 that I love, and a Rapid 100 that I got extremely cheaply that I haven't actually used yet (I'm told the back *might* be suspect, but shouldn't overlap, but for the price I paid it's not a big deal).
  2. haugstrup
    I have an Auto S2 as well. Unfortunately with a broken light meter. The mechanics seem to work and the check-battery function works, but nothing else happens. It was only $20, but still a bit annoying to attempt Sunny 16 when you're inside. It's a wonderful camera though.
  3. yellowjeep

    I have an S2 that I bought 20 bucks with stuck blades and an unglued rangefinder mirror. I repaired that and resealed with an interslice (awesome!) kit.

    I also have a T3 with a 57 f1.4 and 40 f1.8 Hexanon and a few other vivitar zooms. I have my eye out for a 21mm Hexanon. This is a tank and I love it, I have been debating a flashy recovering from cameraleather.com but the original is in such good shape that I really can't justify it.
  4. jameswrightson
    I have a Konica IIIA. It's nice, and I want to use it, but the lens housing is loose and out of alignment. Can anyone recommend any repair services, info or resources for this?
  5. srosenow_98
    I've got two Konica bodies, both AutoreflexTCs. In addition, I've got a 50mm f1.7 lens, a 28mm, a 80-210mm zoom, a 135mm telephoto (two identical lenses), and a 2X teleconverter.
  6. Nick Merritt
    Nick Merritt
    Hi all -- I went through a big-time "Konica phase" a few years ago and own several T3 bodies, and a few of the other SLR models, and a number of the Hexanon lenses. I also own several rangefinder models, including the original Konica rangefinder, the S2 and S3, the Hexar (autofocus) and Hexar RF. I also own a Rapid 100 and the lenses for it.

    I trust people here know about Greg Weber in Nebraska -- he's the #1 Konica repair guy.
  7. Aurum
    Hello everyone.

    I'm still using the first Konica SLR I bought when I was young. THe good old Konica TC-X. Why did I get that, well it was the only camera on the market that had shutter priority and thats what I wanted, Still using it now as the primary camera, even though ebay calls to me to buy loads of M42 screw mount equipment
    And 120
    And 6x9
    well you know what its like
  8. Nick Merritt
    Nick Merritt
    Gee, not much going on here! I'll pick it up again: I just did a part cash/ part trade for an Autoreflex A + 52/1.8, along with an earlier version of the 135/3.2 and the late 200/4. Two 675 hearing aid batteries fired up the meter, and it looks accurate. The A had several versions; this is the one sometimes referred to as the A2 -- dates from about 1971. A long time ago now! The glass is very clean on all the lenses, and the 200 came in the original box. I think it's never been used.
  9. Jayd
    I have a S2 I hope to get working, a Koni Omega Rapid M that I have been rebuilding and while it works, I'm still not to the fast reliable use they have a reputation for. For classic Konica parts and service Weber Camera is the place. I think he is the only one left with Koni Omega and Konica parts. I have no connection but have had Greg Weber fix a couple backs I couldn't get fixed. He has a web site, posting the link might be considered advertising so I won't do that, just want people to know Konica service,parts and rebuilt cameras are still avalible.
    Any other Koni Omega users ?
  10. Barry Kurek
    Barry Kurek
    Hi all. I'm another Konica fan with several 35mm models and a bunch of lenses. I've been using the equipment for .... a lot of years and it is very familiar at this point. Check out my all Konica site: bkurek.home.att.net. If you have any questions, please contact me. BJK
  11. dynachrome
    I am a long time user and collector of Konica equipment. In the last few years I have been using my Canon and Minolta equipment more. I recently sent both of my Konica FT-1 cameras to Greg Weber. One has been used a lot since 1984 and the other was in its original box all these years. Greg will be installing a Nikon E3 (grid type) focusing screen in the unused FT-1. This screen was made for the FM3A and is the last and brightest Nikon screen of its type. Back in 1984 when I got the first FT-1 I had Professional Camera Repair in NY install an E screen from the Nikon FE. This made the camera much more useful for macro work and for shooting with slower lenses and zooms. In 2004 the camera was overhauled but late last year its exposure system was not working properly. Eventually I will have Greg repair that one too but for now I look forward to using the newer FT-1 with the E3 screen. If you have an FT-1 and would consider having the Nikon focusing screen installed, B&H has the screens and Greg can do the installation. With both of my FT-1s out I will pull out an older T3N or T2 this weekend to have some Konica fun.

    In addition to the SLR cameras I have many Konica RF models. These include the Auto S, Auto S2, Auto S1.6, Auto S3, C35, C35V, C35 AF, C35EF, two Konica I cameras and others I must have forgotten.

    I look forward to reading about the experiences of other Konica users and collectors in this Group.

  12. dynachrome
    It's taken me about ten weeks but I finally dug out some of my mechanical Konica SLR cameras. I shot a test roll with my black T3N and the interesting 45-100/3.5 UC Hexanon. All of the shots were perfect. This camera was overhauled some years ago and adjusated for 1.5 volts. I put in new MS-76 cells and the meter was right on. It took me longer to find another camera. This one is a black Autoreflex T2 which had a Nikon E screen installed. It just needed some new 675 zinc-zir hearing aid batteries. I might have shot some test film with it today but the weather was overcast and not many interesting things have bloomed yet. As soon as something shows up I will tackle it with the T2 and one of my favorite lenses, the 135/2.8 Vivitar Close Focusing.
  13. jackaldridge
    Anyone else using a Konica III?
  14. KonicaMichelle
    I use a T3n, T2 and FT1. T3n mostly for the tripod. For carry I use the T2 (90% of the time). The FT1 for flash which I don't do much of. I have the X24 that goes with it. The hot shoe did stop working recently. Does anyone have an email or web address for the repair man Mr. Webber. I've had work done at two places in the past year. One in Fresno Ca. and the other in N. NJ. I don't recommend either. I have a number of hexanon lenses, but I purchased a Soligor 35-105mm Zoom/Macro that I'm still experimenting with. It may become my #1 lens. I'm looking for a 300 to 600mm for wildlife, especially chipmunks, the elusive chipmunks. They're around, you just have to be very quite. Michelle
  15. dynachrome
    Greg is at 2022 East 7th Street Fremont, NE 68025. His phone # is (402) 721-3873 and his e-mail address is gweber@webercamera.com.
  16. accozzaglia
    I have an Auto S2, too, but sadly, the shutter jammed tonight as I was shooting a roll of Kodachrome. The repair guy from whom I bought it died a few months ago, so I can't ask him what to do.
  17. mklw1954
    I picked up an Auto S2 locally in rough shape for $10 (but the shutter fired, the lens was protected and clean, the shutter blades were clean, and the meter deflected with a battery). I was able to get the missing eyepiece glass part and pull-out hood from some nice people on rangefinderforum.com. I have cleaned up the outside, cleaned the rangefinder surfaces and adjusted the horizontal and verical rangefinder alignment. The meter works but is erratic and inaccurate, so I still need to remove the battery chamber, look for corrosion, and clean the contacts. Also need to repalce light seals.

    It's very easy to take the top deck and bottom plate off to do this work . I haven't had to get into the lens and shutter but Tomas Tomasey's Camera Maintenance & Repair, Book 2, provides 4 pages on how to repair common Auto S2 problems (stuck shutter, re-attaching rangefinder mirror, cleaning battery chamber for meter problems, etc.)

    I'm looking forward to getting this camera operating as an Auto S2 was my first camera, bought new in 1969.
  18. macrorie
    Hi everybody. I own and use a Konica Autoreflex T-C, with the 40mm 1.8, the 28mm 3.5 and the 135mm 3.2 lenses. I really should use them more, as I am always happy with the results. I would like to get a 35mm 2.0 sometime. Gerry
  19. HumidorCassa
    My favorite manual camera is my Konica T3N with the Hexanon 50mm 1.7, I also have the Hexanon 28mm 2.8 and a Tamron 80-210.
  20. dbuckle
    I have a T4, 2 FT1s, Konica 1 and was just given an S2. I also have a good collection of lenses.
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