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KX-1D Konica interface module for Sunpak D falash units

  1. MrChairman
    Many users have the same question. How to use the KX-1D interface module on Sunpak D flash units.

    For Automatic dedication pertaining to the following Konica models:
    FS-1, FC-1, FP-1, FT-1.

    -Set the camera lens to EE or AE. Shutter speed will be set automatically no matter what the camera shutter speed setting dial is set at (except 'B').

    -Set the interface module button located on the side of the flash unit shoe mount to either '5.6' or '11' this will automatically set the lens opening to that f/#.

    -Except for the power settings 'FULL', '1/2' etc. I found that setting the functions on the back side of the flash unit ie: ASA, 'M', 'A', '*' will have no effect on dedicated auto operation although the manual says to set the mode to '*'.

    -Note: After flash unit fires, dedication will be lost and the camera will revert to EE or AE TTL until flash unit ready light comes back on then dedication is resumed. This can all be viewed through the viewfinder LED while slightly depressing the shutter release button.

    For Standard non-dedicated operation on any camera with a standard hot shoe:

    -Set the interface module button on the side of the flash shoe mount to 'STD'.

    -Set the ASA to the same speed of the film in the camera.

    -Set the auto/manual selector switch to either 'M' for manual or one of the 'A' s for automatic operation. Note the f/ setting and set camera lens manually accordingly. Also set the shutter speed dial to the speed recommended for electronic flash by the camera's manufacturer for that model.

    -The '*' setting is functional when using a remote sensor.
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