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Hey Hey!

  1. jackaldridge
    Is this group still active at all?
  2. KonicaMichelle
    You're right. Not much activity here, and all I use is Konica. Maybe that's why the equipment is so inexpensive now! Michelle
  3. jackaldridge
    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for the response.
    What cameras do you have?
    I just got an Auto S2 and Konica III.... can't wait to try them.
    Have you posted any photos?
  4. KonicaMichelle
    Hi Jack.
    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm still figuring out how to get around this forum. I have a T2 (my old friend) and a T3n. I use the T2 mostly. I also have an FT1 that I don't use much. I do have a number of the hexanon lenses but use a 35-105mm Soligor with Macro when I'm out and about. I like to do soothing photos mostly, probably my age. I keep my eyes open for space craft too. I figure if Jimmy Carter can see one so can I. I've not had a darkroom in many years and never did develope any color prints. I've been trying different places for processing and scanning to CD. Are you in the states. Do you know of any photo labs that do a good job? The ones I find on line are about 18 dollars a roll and then some for a large scan. I am looking into used processing equipment.


    PS-just joking about the space craft.
  5. MrChairman
    The Konica AUTOREFLEX T is my favorite. I was 12yrs old in '68' when my folks gave me their Argus Seventy-Five TLR 620. It took great B&W photos and I quickly taught myself to develop and contact print using a GAF kit. The next year my grandfather let me use his Argus C3 of which I shot 35mm Kodak color slide outdoor film, no meter, just follow the directions on the film box. I had very good results. The summer before High School a good friend of mine let me use his new Minolta SRT 101 for a couple of weeks. The slr and internal meter match needle made it almost impossible to take a bad shot. Half way through my freshman year a close neighbor came home from Nam and he had with him a Konica Autoreflex T that he picked up and said If I liked it he would sell it to me for what he paid. He left it with me to try out. After a couple of days working with that auto aperture I had to have it. $125.00 cleaned me out back then but I managed. I use my FT-1 these days but among my Konica arsenal the auto T will always stay with me.
  6. lancekingphoto
    I just happened across this group and joined. My first SLR back in 1988 was a Konica TC-X (little did I know it was to be the last SLR they made). It traveled all around the world with me and I'm happy to report I still have it - it's in excellent condition and still works. About 6 months ago I got a great deal on a Konica Autoreflex T3 on "the 'bay" ($12 for the body). The T3 has become my new 35mm favorite, and I continue to shoot with it on a regular basis. These really are great little cameras and terrific lenses.
  7. MrChairman
    I also have a TCX and a chrome T3. I gave my black body T3 to my son some years ago when he showed an interest in photography. I am totally in agreement with the quality of these Hexanon Lens'
  8. dbuckle
    I'm glad to see there is someone alive over here. I have 3 Konica SLR cameras a FT-1 and 2 T4's. I have a good collection of lenses to go with them. My pride and joy is a T4 in new condition, serviced and battery conversion done by Weber Camera.
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