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Konica Modifications

  1. dynachrome
    I recently has Greg Weber modify an unused black FT-1 body by removing the original focusing screen and replacing it with a Nikon E3 screen from the FM3A. My silver FT-1 was modified this way with an E screen from the FE in 1984 by Professional Camera Repair. The E3 screen is supposed to be a lot brighter so it will be interesting to see what the viewfinder looks like. I should have the camera back next week.

    My supply of rectangular Konica diopters is good but I didn't have any round ones. Greg Weber didn't have any either. The solution? I had Ken Ruth at Photography On Bald Mountain in Davenport, CA remove the -2 glass from a Nikon diopter for the FE and install it in a round glassless Konica Autoreflex T eyepiece. It arrived today and works very well. It will fit the T/T2, A/A2, A1000, A3, T3 and T3N. With the T and A series cameras it will hold the accessory shoe in place properly. The T3N hot shoe is attached to the prism. I tried it on one of my T3Ns and it makes focusing much easier for me. The Nikon diopters are easy to find so if you need a similar modification, Ken Ruth can do it. He now has a blueprint. If we can finally get some good weather I hope to do some Konica T3N photography this weekend.
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