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Konica Bellows

  1. dynachrome
    I have had a Konica Bellows 3 for many years but did not use it much. The reason is that it did not come with a focusing rail. The focusing rail came with the more expensive Auto Bellows. I eventually got both the Auto Ring and Auto Ring 2 as well as the Double Cable and Double Cable Switch. These allow me to have semi-automatic diaphragm control. I had known for some time that Soligor sold a bellows system it called Multiflex. The Multiflex was sold in various mounts but did not have interchangeable mounts like the Vivitar system. The Multiflex system also looked exactly like the late model Konica Bellows 3 and Auto Bellows models. Last week I saw a Multiflex system on eBay. It was split up into three auctions. One was for the bellows, in Nikon mount, one for the focusing rail, which it called a Focusing Track and one for the Macro Stand. I won the auction for the rail, which was the only item I was interested in. It arrived today and fits the Bellows 3 perfectly. Luckily my Bellows 3 came with the attachment plate at the front. The rail fit the bellows perfectly. Now the bellows, with the rail attached, does not fit into the box for the bellows alone. For now I am keeping the combined unit together outside of the box so I can experiment with it.
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