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Just to get started

  1. keith1phx
    Greetings All -
    Just wanted to make a post to get the group started.
    Please feel free to comment, add your own discussion threads or anything you wish.
    Look for a future post about the February meet-up.

  2. white.elephant
    Hey, Keith, I'm here.
  3. Dave Martiny
    Dave Martiny
    Keith, thanks for informing me about this group.

    A reminder that a meeting is planned for Feb. 28 at 2:00pm at my house -- please see the thread in the Geographic Location forum titled "Arizona APUGer's February meeting". So far I've heard from both Rusty and Keith. Chris, at the Jan. meeting you sounded interested, will you be coming? If one of you will post to that thread, it will come to the top of the new posts list and maybe more people will see it.

    Thanks to you all for your efforts here, and hope to see you on the 28th.


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