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February Meet-Up

  1. keith1phx
    There is a Meet-Up scheduled for Febrauary 28th at 2:00 PM.

    Dave Martiny will be our host for this second meeting, he can be found at the top as a member of this group. Please send him an email for directions.

    All attendees are encouraged to bring photos, equipment, and stories for a "show-and-tell" time.

    I look forward to meeting new people, hearing great sories, and seeing new equipment.

    Happy shooting.
  2. rusty_tripod
    I enjoyed this meet-up and a chance to meet some new faces. It was inspiring to see the varied works The opportunity to see the "big guns" was motivational. Now, I just have to get to work and create some product.
  3. Shadow Images
    Shadow Images
    Wish I had seen this prior tp 2:15 sat. Oh well next time.
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