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Anyone interested in another Meet-Up?

  1. keith1phx
    A Central location, perhaps? Just to chat?

    Maybe a trip to the Phoenix Art Museum to view the exhibit on the Grand Canyon?

    Any Ideas?
  2. rusty_tripod
    Certainly. School ends this week. Except for the fact that I will be a student through much of June, I am open to another activity. I will flag WhiteElephant about the post.
  3. white.elephant
    Rusty flagged me down. My availability is the same as it has been. Saturdays any time after around 1pm (I teach until 12:30). The only Saturday coming up I am not available is May 30th, as I am flying to Pittsburgh that day. Sundays I am always available (except for the 31st). I am still up for a field trip on a Sunday, but as there were no takers last time, I'm not figuring I'll get any traction these days until the fall as it is getting hotter. But, Keith, I'd love to meet you at the Museum.
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