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Any New Years Resolutions that include Photography?

  1. keith1phx
    Just wondering if anyone has made any resolutions to do more or less photography in 2010?
    I did my annual New Years Day outing to do shoot some film. Just went to the State Capitol and shot 5 sheets of film with the 4x5, now I have to go buy chemicals to develop and print..........

    I would like to do more with my stuff this year, we will see if the travel situation calms down a bit so I can. I get a little protective of my time at home when I travel a lot.

    Also, I would like to see a group of us get together and do some kind of outing. I know we have talked about it off and on for over a year but we should just set a date and do it.

    Wishing a happy and prosperous new year to all and happy shooting/

  2. TheAZGolfBum
    Nice to see someone post here. Seems dead since I joined. Can we get this area going? I'm in Goodyear.

  3. keith1phx
    It would be nice to get out and do some kind of activity together.

    We had a meet-up last year and then tried to get some things going but I think we are all sooooo busy.

    I travel with my job and become protective of my time home but I should break out of that habit. Also, I had some commitments on Sundays at one time and some of our group could only get out on Sundays. But I am relatively free on Sundays during the day now.

    So, I am going to throw it out there to see if anyone wants to do a Sunday outing soon??

    It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, maybe meet at Papago Park since we have Central Phoenix and several in the Mesa area. I know you are in Goodyear, maybe the Racetrack out your way??

    Any takers?
  4. SWphoto
    Would like to get together, and am pretty flexible on day/date. Agree there should be lots to shoot locally, but not opposed to a little further afield.

    How about Keith's suggestion for one of the next few Sundays (17-24-31)? I'm available and willing. I'm in Mesa, but have wheels

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