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learning photography in Phoenix

  1. amilehi

    well i'm very new to film photography, just finished my second roll of film!

    so i was wondering if you guys could point me to some good places around phoenix where i could learn a bit more about this.

    Big question is where do you get your film developed and scanned?

    Thanks for any info

  2. SWphoto
    Photomark does an excellent job- over by 22nd and McDowell
  3. amilehi
    thank you SWphoto, yes i have used them last time, no complaints. any book suggestions on film developing yourself? i know taking a community college class would probably be the easy way to learn it, but i can't always be there when the class is only offered once a week...
  4. SWphoto
    I learned with Henry Horenstein's "Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual ". He's also got several other books on the topic. I think David Vestal also had something that was well-recommended.

    Here's something relatively new, which I thought excellent, and also includes more of the "art of photograph":: "Black & White Photography: A Practical Guide" by Steve Mulligan.

    If you have a chance, stop in at Photomark and introduce yourself to Rod Klukas (he's off on Mondays). He can give you some handouts from his Scottsdale Community College class, and help you with picking out some chemistry and supplies.

  5. amilehi
    Rick, thank you so much! that is exactly what i was looking for!
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