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Loss of fine motor skills

  1. Rick A
    It has finally gotten to the point when I must admit that I can no longer do the intricate tasks I once was able to do. The arthritis in my neck has impinged on the nerves enough so as to render my hands not nearly useless, but very impeded. I can no longer load 35mm film onto SS reels without buggering it beyond use. I was just in my DR looking over a proof sheet of what should have been incredible photos, instead I was looking at all the kink and crease marks(not to mention where the film was touching itself)...Arrggghhhhh!!!! Well, at least I still can manuever 120 and LF film easily enough. Looks like my Oly gear will be on the block soon, I am going to shoot off the last of my 35mm film stocks first.
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