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  1. Sean
    A thread to introduce yourself.
  2. Sean
    Well, most of the details about me can be seen here: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum38/7...-new-post.html

    36yrs old, osteoarthritis of the spine..
  3. dances_w_clouds
    Hello. I have it in my hip. My mother also has it and she had a full hip replacement over 10yrs ago. I have had talks with my Dr. about the medications. The medications I was on before (Tylenol) were only aggravating my liver and not removing a whole lot of pain. As I have metal pieces holding my left shoulder together we decided on the big stuff (morphine). I know it is addictive etc. but we considered I am 53 and I was not going to hurt my career plans to any great extent. Best advice I could give you is make sure that you keep in constant communication with your Dr. They need to keep track of the medication side effects or exercise that you are doing. I have a good system set up. I will not tell my Dr what to do and she will not tell me how to do photography. Works great and I have been able to get a good nights sleep for yrs.
  4. Rick A
    Rick A
    Howdy compadres, I've been diagnosed with degenerative osteo art. in my neck, and lumbar, and hands and both knees. Four years ago I was so bad that I spent three month in bed, I couldn't even walk. Every time I stood or tried to move, it felt like my legs were being electrocuted from the waist down. Sean, keep up the mild exercise, it helps. I haven't tried inversion, but I think it wont hurt. I am on a morphine pain managment routine, and dont recommend it to anyone. I also recommend you do not take any of the other drugs, like celebrex, or neuronton, Mild physical therapy(you are on the right track)and find a really good surgeon are for you. The medicos have developed some new replacment discs, but they cannot guarantee relief, besides, surgery is the absolute last resort.
    My deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to you, I know all to well how you feel and what you are going through.
    At this point I will pray for our members in this group, and the ones I know of who haven't (yet), as I feel it works.
  5. georg16nik
    I came across this group while browsing the directories. I am the kind of person who is in perfect health and at the same time, interested about health in general and whats it takes to support it.
    Sometimes, predicate can give some insight to medicate.

    Thumbs up to everyone!
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