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  1. Sean
    Have just been violently introduced to how weather affects arthritis.. we are having a spell of cold, wet, low barometric pressure and high humidity. I'm not a happy camper right now. 4 days of hurtin! Sun, please come out...
  2. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    I know what you mean Sean. I was up in Northern MN a few days ago where it was cold and damp... I thought I was relapsing!! I had back surgery in June of this year after suffering for 3 years. I needed a foraminotomy at L5/S1. While they were in there, they found a disc herniation also at L5/S1 that was not on the MRI as it was masked by the bone spur in front. I had an hour glass pinch on the sciatic nerve.

    All of this due to an arthritic vertebrae at L4 that was broken 25+ years ago. this was news to me when I found out. At any rate, everything below L4 was misaligned during the healing of L4 and now I am paying the price! My prognosis is good, but the surgeon noticed I only have 30% of my disc left. He cannot rule out that I will need a fusion in future :-( if I do not look after things.
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