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Analog Materials Availability

  1. haris
    About availability here. I can talk only about Sarajevo, capital of BiH and Federation of BiH, and in other (smaller) places situation is simillar or worse. I don't know sbout Banja Luka (capital of RS), recent past just make me ignore that part of country. So:

    B/W: You simply must bring your own and you must prosess it by yourself. So, don't hope you can buy anything of b/w here. We have Kodak representative, and Fuji representative and as I know, Kodak representative can order, but waiting is too long, so visitors will not get material while they are here and Fuji as I know don't import their b/w material. And no labs here process b/w neither films or prints (you can get prints from b/w film on Fuji chrystal archive paper on Frontier machines or Kodak in few labs with Kodak machines/material).

    You can (maybe) buy chromogenic b/w film and as it is C41 process you can process it here and get prints made on colour papers either Kodak (few labs) or Fuji (majority labs) Some labs from time to time get b/w paper for RA4 process, but it is something you CAN NOT depend on.

    One shop selled EFKE, but for 2 years now it is gone and nobody import EFKE anymore.

    SO, in conclusion. b/w you are on your own.

    COLOUR: SLIDE (E6): You are on your own. NO films to buy, no lab with E6 process and no prints form slide film on Ilfochrome. You can get prints from slide on Fuji christal archive paper, and majority labs hare have Frontier machines.

    COLOUR: NEGATIVE: Easily available fresh Fuji Superia range (100-400 ASA, and rarely 800ASA) and Kodak Gold range (200 to 400 ASA).

    In Sarajevo, labs mostly have fresh C41 and RA4 chemistry and you can easilly have film/print good processed. All labs here 1 hour labs and mostly work up to A4 format prints, and some of them can make bigger prints.

    Price for C41 processing per film is 1-1,5 EURO, prints (price per one print) are about 0,2 EURO for 9x13cm, 0.25 EURO for 10x15cm print, 0,5 EURO for 13x18 print, 0,75 for 15x20cm (15x21cm) print and 2,5 EURO for A4 print. Labs which have lesser prices have lower quality except one lab who has little smaller prices and still maintain relativelly good quality. There is option for double prints when make all prints from roll of 35mm film, and prices are little smaller then sum of 2 prints individually. Prices are same regardless you make prints from negative (colour or b/w), slide, digital media, mobile phone... There are options to scan film to CD, but I wouldn't recomment it, it is expencive and you get quality needed for A4 print for Fuji Frontier at best, and reasonable price you get quality for 10x15cm print..

    Here you can not buy professional C41 films like NPH, Portra, etc...

    So, I would recommend anyone who comming here, especially b/w and slide users, to bring their own films and to process them when return home. Only C41/RA4 is OK here, and even that is at your own risk.

    No Lambda and other "exotic" processes, only Fuji Frontier and Kodak equivalent of it. Labs which make bigger prints make them on Epson Photo printers (that is ink-jet) and they call it plotter, usually biggest size 80cm wide (roll paper)...

    Oh, about equipment. You can buy here nothing! Some bags (cheap), some tripods, and Canon lenses. Cameras only digital. Other equipment is not available, and secondhand market is not exsisting. I buy everything abroad, and what I bought here was few years ago, today forget abut buying here. Also, no service when your equipment is broken.

    This country is for photography European black hole...
  2. Sino
    I've changed the title to something more general so we can share experiences and data from all around the area.

    As you, Haris, I can only speak of where I live, so that's Chania at Crete, Greece's biggest island, and Thessaloniki, it's 'second capital'.

    At Chania there's limited access to film, to begin with. I only know of one shop that sells black & white film or slides [35mm & 120], called EYELAND. One might -or might not!- find chromogenic B&W, mostly Kodak 400CN, in 35mm in other stores. Cheap color films, and sometimes fancier ones like Portra, are available at most photographic stores in 35mm. Anything else, such as papers and developers, is a bet most probably lost, as you will have to wait for it to be ordered, and finally pay more than you would if you bought it via the net.

    So, concerning Chania, if someone feels like visiting -and they should!- the best thing to do would be to carry their materials with them, and either develop them on spot or when they arrive back home. Luckily, there's at least two stores that can develop for you with decent results, and two photographic teams that have darkrooms.

    Thessaloniki isn't much of a different story. I know of three major stores that carry a limited line of B&W film, paper and chemicals. Most likely one will find Ilford and Kodak products easily, but not on big quantities, and certainly not -every- film, paper or chemical. Surprisingly, 120 format film is the most difficult to find, be it B&W, C41 or slide. There are shops that can develop and print at good quality, I will search and ask around to make a list of them.

  3. haris
    Oh, I forgot, here are also available Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony cameras, but only digital.
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