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Balkan, Aegean, and Eastern Mediterranean APUGers

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  1. Sino
    Ian, maybe we can continue the discussions there and if the discussion is 'alive' enough we can ask for the forum to be transferred there? Maybe David can help...

  2. David A. Goldfarb
    David A. Goldfarb
    As this was falling into place, I suspected this issue would arise, since it's unclear whether the regionally oriented Social Groups should be Regional Groups, and then there's the other question of whether the Regional Groups should be separate from the other forums as they are now, or just another group of regular forums.

    Posts to public Social Group forums do appear on everyone's New Posts view, so people will see the forum.

    I can't set up a Regional Group, but Sean can, so maybe that's something that needs to be sorted out and merits a thread in the Feedback Forum.
  3. Sino
    I think that the best solution is to continue things as they are, and if need arises, I am sure we can find a way. I saw the problem coming, too. But to me it's not much of a problem anyway; I see this group's posts in the new posts list, so I guess that if anybody is interested they'll find their way here.

  4. arigram
    As some friends might know, I am planning a trip up the western Balkans at the end of July.
    I will be passing by Skopje, staying a bit in Pristina and maybe even visiting Haris in Bosnia and Denis in Croatia if my budget will allow. Who ever else wants to meet or come along, please don't be shy!
  5. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    I wonder what's possible, my wife visits Dubrovnik roughly ever 2 weeks for work and she'd like me to tag along one week. Should add she's a tour guide.

    The trip (& visit to Croatia) now seems to be scheduled for September, one of my wife's Greek cousin is visiting at the end of the month.
  6. haris
  7. timing
    Hello Folks, Just moved to Belgrade from the UK. Will be travelling all over Balkans with the new Job. I can do my bit by finding and posting about good film / chemical / equipment stockists in Belgrade and hopefully elsewhere in Serbia.
  8. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    By a quirk of fate I'll be visiting many parts of our geographic group next week.

    Wednesday Istanbul
    Friday Dubrovnic
    Saturday Venice
    Sunday Bari
    Monday Katacolon ? spelling ? Greece

    If anyone is nearby let me know.

  9. arigram
    Too bad Ian, it would be difficult for me to be in the greek port to see you. Atleast you taught me about it, I didn't know it before!
  10. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Ari, I've lived by the Aegean for 2 years now and so far I've not met another film user (here). I think a longer visit to Greece is on the cards, Athens to visit my wife's aunt & cousins over Christmas and maybe Crete

    Meanwhile I'l cruise pastb twice more !!
  11. timing
    Well, it's been a bit quiet here of late so will post a couple of places that I've found here in Belgrade that sell a range of analog bits and piece (film, developers etc)



    And of course Centrofoto Hamer on Trg Republike http://www.011info.com/en/view_detai...=17692&sid=444
  12. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Any one in or near Athens over Christmas ?

    If so it would be good to meet up.
  13. NJS
    cheers ppl
    Serbia calling..
  14. georg16nik
    Sofia, Bulgaria here!
    How are You guys doing? I trust cameras are loaded and the shooting is going well!?
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