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Better Micro Brews

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  1. monkeykoder
    Yeah I haven't tried the Bear Republic IPA I kinda got turned off to them by the Stone DIPA
  2. davedunne
    Hello - just joined the group and am suppin' a Speakeasy Prohibition Ale as I write this.
  3. dpurdy
    I am kind of surprised how early the Christmas ales have started to show up this year. Already I have been drinking the Pyramid and Dechutes.. I guess it is getting like easter candy or halloween candy get it out as soon as possible.
  4. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    A couple of IPAs I'm really liking right now: Duggan's #9 from Toronto, The Mad Tom IPA from Muskoka Lakes Brewery in Central Ontario and from upstate New York Southern Tier Brewery's IPA.
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