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8x10 with Petzval lens..

  1. vpwphoto
    Hi I am sort of new to APUG. I am dusting off my 90 year old Studio camera with Wooly 14.5" f 3.8 Vitax Modified Petzval lens. I am going to find some interesting people to photograph.

    For outdoors work, I found a location I am going to document on 5x7. I sold my 4x5 Shen Hao earlier in the month and want to make tasty little contact prints from 5x7 negatives.

    I also have a Elwood 5x7 enlarger in my basement dungeon that needs to be put to use.

    Share images and experiences using 35 square inches of film or more....

    About me... professional full time photo-image maker sick and tired of Digital Imaging and sitting at a desk... that being said I shoot 80% of my work on a D700. The rest on a Leaf Aptus attached to a trusty old 500 or 550 Hasselblad.
  2. Bertil
    Agree about sitting at a desk, more fun, and easier not to get sleepy, lifting trays in the darkroom.
    Shooting film, 35 mm, 120, 4x5", 5x7" and 8x10" (and what fits best for digital).
    Have Sinars, F and P, for 45,57,810. Will make a 57 and a 810 pinhole camera after the model of a 45 that I have and like (Noon Pinhole ed. Vienna 45j); have enlargers for everything but 8x10.
    Really like 5x7 – camera and filmholders are big, but not clumsy, contact prints give you images that need not necessarily be enlarged; but unfortunately haven't done very much with it, hope to do more.
    Will be interesting following this group!
  3. Bertil
    Sorry if my note didn't really fit the thread: "8x10 Petzval lens" – since I don't have a Petzval (just a Petzval like named "Great Wall" to my Hasselblad!)
  4. John Austin
    John Austin
    In concert with the use of big film comes big prints - So I have started a group dedicated to people who use the potential of 10x8 to make big prints

    The group is called Large Print Group
  5. bkarasek

    I'm starting to shoot 8x10 negs and I want to contact print on the AZO paper that I have. How do I start a group for 8x10 contact printers.??
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