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It begins......

  1. largeformat pat
    Hey all,
    I'm finally making a start today. I'm making a rear standard to fit my 8x10 Cambo SCX. It will be 16x20. I will post some pics later today of the assemblies and my start. I'm not going to worry about rise and fall on the rear. I'm just a little worried about film. I know freestyle carry 8x20 and I don't mind the look of this format.It also means I get rise and fall on the front standard. Any feed back?
  2. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat
    What I'm thinking is 8 x 20, I can then use my spare 8 x 10 back and extend it in width. My Jobo drums will handle the sheets. I only have to stuff around with the graflox back and ground glass. I can get bellows no problems. I will have to mill a section of metal to match the current profile then weld and file. Powder coat and Bobs your uncles Aunties sisters brothers pet goldfish. I theory anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. largeformat pat
    largeformat pat

    Pics as discussed.
    The arrowed lines are where I'm cutting. The bar at the bottom shall be solid aluminum. There is no need for shift. Where the cuts are made, I will duplicate with milled sections and weld and file. The ground glass frame shall be the same, cut mill and weld. Shall powder coat when done. Found a source for bellows too. Thinking 11x14
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