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What to do with a 10x8 camera !

  1. Simon Howers
    I mostly used my Deardorff 10x8 with a whole plate (6½ x 8½) back. Trouble is the weight which, if you're trekking across the North York Moors, is considerable. My back (but not my bank balance!) is much better off now I've bought a Chamonix whole plate which is half the weight.
    I've turned the 10x8 round to make an enlarger using a 25cm square LED ceiling panel as a cold light source - works a treat! I'd attach an image but
    haven't a clue how to do this.
  2. silveror0
    I'd like to see some pics of your 10x8 LED cold light source, but I'm not certain how to post pics either. You can try putting your pics into another location (e.g., Flickr), then use the "Go Advanced" button at the bottom of the post reply and follow the instructions that come up to create a link to that pic location. I'll send you a PM about this message since your post is back in April.
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