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water soaking temperature

  1. djkloss
    hi everyone, i'm new to this group and to bromoil. I have many questions, but mostly about the water temperature for the soaking. does it make a difference what temp it is? is 'soft' water from spring water ok to use for the soaking? (I use distilled for everything else).

    Also, the ink I bought from B&S is so stiff you can't imagine. Is it supposed to be extremely stiff? at least for the first pass?

    And as for cleaning brushes... I tried cleaning with turpentine, but then my brush was left with the residue of the turpentine and softened the ink. so now what? it seems like you need a lot of dry brushes - the throw away kind. or am I wrong on that? I watched Joy Goldkind's youtube video, which was quite good for starters.

    Well thanks in advance. hopefully I won't give up to soon if I have lots of moral support

  2. Jerevan
    Try starting at 20 degress and moving up in temperature if you don't get enough relief in the paper. Water temperature (and soaking time) controls relief of the gelatin in the paper and this in turn controls the light and mid-tone areas of the print. The water hardness plays a part in how long you need to soak, too. The ink should be stiff, it's better to start out with that and make it softer with additions (linseed oil, etc) than the other way 'round, I think.

    Keep at it, and post some bromoils if you like.
  3. van eynde ludo
    van eynde ludo
    I wil try to explane how a do it.
    First step defelopment of the print , water at 20°c , fix also at 20°
    Step 2 bleatching at 20°.....rinse also
    step 3 the blaecht print in whater of 20° for 5 min and than i bring the water to 35°c for 10min.
    And than i can begin whit my bruch. , for cleaning my bruch ,for my a dont now the name in englich , so i wil sy it in vlamich , wasbenzine , special cant of petrol.
  4. Lyn Arnold
    Lyn Arnold
    I use white spirit (mineral spirit) for cleaning brushes. Lighter fluid called Zippo is also used, but the small tin does not last long, so I reverted to white spirit and let my brushes dry overnight. An excellent cleaner is Methyl Ethyl Ketone, but it is difficult to get, poisonous, and very flammable.

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