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What's going on?

  1. Jerevan
    It's been a bit slow on here, and I am curious - what are you up to? Any new and interesting things or projects going on out there?
  2. van eynde ludo
    van eynde ludo
    for my it is not stil , i am trying to hand coloring my broomolie print whit ,i do it whit pastel krijtjes i do not now the name for krijtjes.
    The are looking like a pencil. And pastel are fine soft colors ;
    Not easy , but interesting. , Ludo.
  3. ronlamarsh
    I have been woefully busy at the "day-job' unable to get into the darkroom. Tried a couple of Rawlins oils again with out much success.....one wasn't bad but it was very low in contrast.......then horror of horror's I lost my favorite negative!!!!! Yes lost. Have beeen trying to make a dup from an old contact print ever since and I think I have succeeded. What does everyone else out there who do Rawlis oils use to coat their paper i.e. hake brush or coating rod? I seem to behaving a hard time getting an even coat.
  4. van eynde ludo
    van eynde ludo
    My contrast a get by my blaeging proces , When my foto on my prints is gone , the time y leth the paper in the blaech gifs that i have a good ar not goot contrast on the print.
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